59 Historically Impossible Mistakes In Movies

A lot of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters tell the tales of historical events, teaching us a lot about the past.

However, it turns out filmmakers don’t always check their facts, leading to some pretty shocking historical mistakes.

We’re talking digital watches long before their time and mammoths in the desert – movies such as Troy, Gladiator and Pirates of the Caribbean have fell victim to these kind of mistakes.

10,000 BC

With this movie being set such a long time ago, there was bound to be historical errors. While the Egyptians may have been clever, they definitely would not of been able to train a mammoth to build pyramids for them… Especially as there were no mammoths in the desert. Also the pyramids didn’t come along for another 7,500 years anyway.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

The fruit used in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies is well ahead of its time. Despite being set in the 1740s, there are Granny Smith apples which did not exist until 1868 and there are sweet bananas that didn’t exist until 1836.