All 8 Harry Potter Films Are Coming Back To The Big Screen

Get ready to be transported back to Hogwarts, to be reintroduced to Dumbledore and meet Hedwig all over again, because all eight of the Harry Potter films are set to return to cinemas.

In celebration of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, which will be released worldwide on 18 November, Potterheads will be transported back to 2001 when they sat in cinema seats waiting excitedly for the first instalment of the series, Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone, to begin.

Warner Bros. have teamed up with Imax to bring the world’s most magical series back to cinema screens all over the world for just one week, starting on 13 October.

CEO Greg Foster told Variety: “Harry Potter is one of the most beloved film franchises of all time and is incredibly important to the history of Imax, therefore, being able to offer each instalment — especially the initial two [Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets] for the very first time in Imax — makes this a truly magical event for fans.”

As if it wasn’t magical enough that our favourite films will one again grace the big screen, there will be a sneak peak of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. For those of you lucky enough to live in Los Angeles and London, there will also be live appearances and Q&As with the cast.

Fantastic Beasts follows the story of Newt Scamander in New York’s secret community of witches and wizards. In 1926, Newt has just completed a global mission to find and document an array of incredibly magical creatures.

During a brief stop over in New York, Newt finds himself, and possibly the rest of both the wizarding and muggle world, in trouble thanks to a muggle named Jacob, a misplaced magical case and some of Newt’s fantastic beasts escaping.

There will be a variety of admission packages available for the showings. So depending on your dedication to the Harry Potter fandom and all things magical, you could get yourself a single ticket, or go all out and get ‘festival access,’ which basically allows you to live in the cinema all week so you don’t miss a  thing.

We know which one we’ll be getting.