Don’t Rock the Boat! Fishermen Film Terrifying Moment 15ft Great White Shark Eyeballs Them Before Hitting Vessel with Tail and Biting Motor

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Darcy Russell and her cousin Andrew were just a mile off the coast of Port MacDonnell, South Australia, when they recorded this terrifying footage of a 15 foot Great White shark biting their boat and slamming it with it’s tail.

Source: Don’t rock the boat! Fishermen film terrifying moment 15ft great white shark eyeballs them before hitting vessel with tail and biting motor by Caters_News on Rumble

The video shows the beast circling the boat, just before it decided to take a nibble off the boat’s motor. The cousins say that the shark was circling them for maybe 10 minutes, but with the fright they were experiencing, it felt like a lot longer!

Another Great White jumped into the boat of a 73-year-old man off the coast of New South Wales just a month before this incident, but only grazed the skin on his forearm. The otherwise unharmed pensioner was able to call the Coastguard for help.