These Amazing Camper Vans Are Making Their Owners Money

It may seem like a pipe dream to even own a camper van, let alone own one and have it make money for you.

However, some bright sparks have managed to nail the prospect and made this a reality in some of the most inventive ways possible.

Although it will have taken a lot of hard work, dedication and imagination at times, these clever camper owners have created the perfect business idea for anyone who refuses to be tied down to one spot for long.

Candy Camper

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This savvy sweet lover decided to make a dream a reality with Primrose the 1974 bay window VW camper van. This van stocks nostalgic confectionary – from sherbet pips, pear drops, and rhubarb & custards to love hearts, double dips and sherbet fountains. The ‘Candy Camper’ travels around to festivals, shows and is often booked out for weddings all around the UK.

Mimsy’s Trailer Trash Tattoo

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This savvy lady has created a mobile tattooing business, all in classic ’50s style, to match her pin up personality! This van is based over on the other side of the pond in Australia, and although they are primarily based in one location, they do also tour round different shows. Check out her Facebook page and Instagram here.

Shelby The Mobile Boutique

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This van can be found over in America, and is called ‘Shelby’, which is a 1973 Shasta Compact Matt which has been restored into this perfect little business idea. It contains an array of handmade clothing and bags, and can be found at markets each week. Find out more information here.

The “Burger Bay”

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These two Conwy brothers decided to convert a 1972 VW Camper T2 into a van as a method of boosting their income by serving up food at shows across the country.

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One of the brothers had seen a camper van which had been converted into a bar, and realised the potential for selling burgers from a converted van. The project in total cost them around £25,000 but have been steadily making money since the beginning of their adventure.

The Split Screen Coffee Company

This van was originally used for delivering bread around Germany, but has since been renovated into a unique working van, to be a mobile café. This lovely little conversion called ‘May’ brings coffee and baked goods to people all around the country. Often found at festivals and local events, and can even be hired out for special events.

Custom Drinks

This man from Dagenham runs an amazing cocktail bar out of the side of a VW camper van, and travels around private parties and festivals. His passion came from travelling around Europe in his grandad’s camper van, so decided to combine his two passions. The van specialises in gin and vodka, and has even landed his company a sponsorship with a gin company, which helps with the cost of creating his drinks.