Top 10 Motorcycle Rides In North America

If you’re a biker, you’ll know the feeling of the freedom while out on the road, with nothing but the two wheels below you and your thoughts to carry you away.

These feelings are only heightened when surrounded by some of nature’s best wonders.

To help inspire, and get you to imagine what this might be like, here is a list of the top 10 places in North America you should definitely take your motorcycle for a spin.

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Route 50 – The George Washington Highway, West Virginia

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Motorbikes are the perfect vehicle for navigating tight twists and turns, so whether you are driving through mountains or alongside rivers, you are likely to get the best experience on a bike. The George Washington Highway leads you alongside the Monongahela National Forest, and passes the Cathedral State along the way.

Needles Highway – Black Hills, South Dakota

This highway is one of the many roads you can take to get to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August each year. Riders who find themselves on this road often ride much slower than they normally would, purely because of the beautiful scenery. The highway passes between two tunnels blasted through sheer granite walls – Iron Creek Tunnel and Needles Eye.

Tail of The Dragon – Deal’s Gap, North Carolina

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The website for this particular road claims to be America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road. It has 318 curves in 11 miles, and borders the Southeastern portion of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Along this road there is a monument called the “Tree of Shame” which remembers all of the people who have crashed their bikes along the Tail of the Dragon.

Bue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

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The Blue Ridge Parkway cuts through the Virginia countryside and features things such as an old mill pond with a working mill wheel, as well as amazing Civil War battle sites, which will all be fully enjoyed due to the 45mph speed limit. The road has views of the great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. The only trucks to drive down this road are the few service lorries which travel between the two service stations along the parkway.

Beartooth Pass, Wyoming

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This road is an adventure you won’t forget in a hurry. It has everything from mountains, dense forests and rivers to snow and tundra. You are likely to see as many bikes on this road as you will cars.

San Juan Mountain Skyway, Colorado

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San Juan Mountain Skyway is a loop, and if there is a more beautiful area of the Rocky Mountains then someone needs to make it known. On this route you’ll pass through historic mining tows, national parks and forests, as well as world-class ski resort areas.

Tunnel Of Trees Road, Michigan

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This is unsurprisingly one of the greatest forest routes in North America, located approximately 35 miles from Mackinac Island, at the juncture of Michigan and Upper Peninsula Michigan. If you choose to ride North around the harbour to go through Harbour Springs and up the coast then the Northern Michigan coastline is beautiful.

Cherohala Skyway, Tennessee

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This road is perfect for any adventurous motorcyclist. The Tellico River is known for trout fishing, and from this road you are likely to see a number of canoes and kayaks along the waterway. It can in fact be very desolate at night and very dangerous in the winter months. There are also no restroom facilities for the entire 40 miles.

Arkansas Pig Trail, Arkansas

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You’ll find this trail between the towns of Little Rock and Fort Smith. It is a forested area in the Ozark Mountains, which means in the spring, summer and fall you will be riding through a tunnel of foliage. The trail holds lots of hairpin turns, straightaways and drop offs where the cliffs seem to be right next to you.

The Three Sisters (The Twisted Sisters), Texas

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This track offers a 131-mile experience, and has incredible landscapes that will forever be burnt into your mind. The Twisted Sisters will change your view that Texas landscapes are flat and boring, with their twisty, mountain-like curves.