This Couple Have Travelled 80,000 Miles In Their Camper – Their Pictures Will Give You Wanderlust

Seven years ago Lauren Smith and Calum Creasey decided to live a big chunk of their lives from the back of a camper van.

It all began in 2010 when the couple got their hands on a sorry-looking Volkswagen T4 van. But with a small budget and a big imagination the pair managed to build their dream home.

Since then the couple have travelled an impressive 80,000 miles across Europe in what they call The Rolling Home and have said the years they have spent in the van have been the happiest of their lives.

However Lauren’s full time job has meant the couple could only travel in short stints, but they hope to soon travel Europe indefinitely.

In a bid to keep their wheels rolling the creative couple have made videos and taken photos to document their impressive journey and have recently launched a book to help generate the cash to keep their home on the road for a further 5 years.

The Rolling Home book is a compilation of photographs, illustrations and words from their times on the road – which they hope will inspire others to take a slice of their alternative lifestyle.

Here are some of their best photographs from life on the road:

Imagine waking up to this view in the morning. Well this is the reality for Calum and Lauren who spend most of their lives on the road.

When not on the open road, the pair run a small creative studio that specialises in film production. A job that gives them a lot of freedom.

Lauren wrote on her blog: “We have both worked some awful jobs in the past, growing up working temp jobs in offices and night shifts in warehouses. Calum was even a postman for a while. It’s amazing to travel with our work, meeting new people and seeing how they live their lives.”

Their “rolling home” has everything they need – shelter, a place to cook and somewhere to lay their heads after a long day of travelling and exploring.

The couple met in school and have been together for the last 8 years. They have said that they are so compatible due to their love for travelling and seeing the world.

The couple have learned how to live with the bare essentials – but have found that life is much happier for them that way. Lauren wrote: “You can live simply and happily with what you have. For me that is a rolling home, perfect company and the great outdoors. We rarely have much money to spend on our adventures, but as long as we have enough food, diesel and each other, then we know it will work out just right.”

The pair have managed to see a lot of Europe and say that Sweden has got to be one of their favourite countries. Lauren wrote: “[Their] Nature Reserves are perfect for wildcamping, parked up in a forest with the archipelagos in front of you and fire pits to keep you warm!”

“I have learned that life doesn’t have to be that complicated. You don’t need to follow the norm of a 9-5 job, buying a house and having a 2 week holiday each year. You can live simply and happily with what you have.”

Keep up with the couples travels via Instagram. But prepared to get some serious wanderlust!

Although they have already seen a large amount of Europe, the couple have yet more plans for The Rolling Home. “We would love to see more of Germany and Scandinavia – and also try and reach as far as Greece & Croatia.”