22 Prom Dress Mishaps That Prove You Shouldn’t Trust The Internet

It’s prom season, which means that millions of high schoolers all over the world will be in their element.

The theme, the date, the make up and most importantly – the dress, adds up to what they hope to be the best night of their lives so far.

Now, whilst some of us go old school and buy our dress months and months in advance – other’s aren’t so proactive.

Some unfortunate teens had to trust the power of the internet to buy their all important dresses, and it definitely didn’t pay off for them.

From cheap fabric to ridiculously wrong designs – these teens have pretty much been catfished by their own prom dresses.

Take a look at the most shocking prom dress blunders that will definitely make you think twice before ordering online…

1. The Worst Fit Of All Time


As you can see both the colour and the fit of the dress are so hilariously wrong. What looks like an elegant gown online actually resembles a disney princess costume you’d get as a kid from a department store. Fail…