9 Of The Biggest And Best Camper Van Festivals To Put On Your ‘To Do’ List

When you think of camper vans, you probably imagine Sixties hippies, flower power, surfer guys and girls, and backpacking Australians. However, the reality of camper vans and their owners in this day and age is quite the contrary. Although there are still people who aspire to fit into these categories, lots of owners just enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to park travel and park up wherever they feel like stopping.

There seems to be one common denominator when it comes to camper vans: their owners. All of which are extremely enthusiastic about their vans, and rightly so! Whether it’s a VW, or any other make or model, these people will have undoubtedly spent a small fortune buying and kitting out their vehicle which allows them to travel as close or as far as they wish from home, while still living in comfort.

Luckily, there are places which all camper lovers can meet and socialise, and what better place than a festival? Here is a list of some of our top picks of the biggest and best camper festivals you have to put on your ‘to do’ list.

image source: Dorset Campers