21 Astonishing Things Your Body Can Tell You About Yourself

Everyone seems so busy working hard and maintaining a social life that they forget to listen to the one thing that matters the most – your body.

We’re not talking about meditation, but how the shape of your nose or that pain could seriously be affecting your health.

Even down to the way you sweat is your body constantly trying to tell you something, so it’s time to listen up.

The smell of your sweat

If your sweat smells like fruit or nail varnish remover then you might have blood sugar level problems. Alternatively, if it smells more like ammonia then it could indicate kidney or liver problems.

If your sweat smells like hydrogen sulphide, this could indicate gastrointestinal problems. Sweat that smells like honey could reveal a case of cystitis, whilst if it smells like vinegar then it could suggest a vitamin B or D deficiency.