These A-List Actors Almost Played Your Favourite Superheroes

Marvel and DC Comics have been killing it with their Hollywood blockbusters, and the past few years have seen many up and coming actors standing in the shoes of some of our childhood heroes.

Saying that, there are a whole host of A-list stars who have graced us with their stardom and even more who almost took those very roles.

For whatever reason, some of our favourite actors had to decline playing their heroic characters, but can you really imagine these films starring anyone else now?

Check out who should have been cast as superheroes and whether or not you think producers made the right choice…

1. Jack Black As Green Lantern

When Robert Smigel wrote the comedic Green Lantern film, he had the hilarious Jack Black in mind for the main part. Unfortunately, the movie was scrapped and as we all know, in the later version of the film, Ryan Reynolds was cast as the lead role.

2. Cillian Murphy As Batman

image source: ComicBookMovie

Even though Murphy was cast in the film anyway, he originally auditioned for Batman. It seemed that Bale was always going to be the number one choice so Murphy went from potentially playing the hero to landing the role of the villain.