15 Ridiculous Things People Have Been Arrested For

There are different laws all over the world and some of them we just don’t understand. In England, it’s illegal to hold a salmon under suspicious circumstances and in Denmark, they won’t allow you to name your child anything other than one of their 7000 approved names.

Mostly, people won’t go to jail for breaking these odd laws, because if everyone who’d ever done anything illegal was jailed, we’d probably all be there.

However, these unlucky people did get arrested and for the most bizarre of crimes that you simply won’t believe.

1. Saying The “F” Word

image source: Metro

During an argument with a store manager, Wesley Force said “I’ll say whatever the f*** i want.” Swearing didn’t go down too well as it’s illegal to swear in the city of New Bern. He was handcuffed and taken to jail and sentenced to ten days in prison, though in the end he was sent home and made to wear an electronic monitoring device which meant he couldn’t leave his home between 8pm and 8am.

2. Ruining A Wedding Day

image source: Evening Standard

After failing to fill in the paperwork needed for him to marry his fiancee, Neil McArdle staged a bomb hoax on their wedding day so that she wouldn’t find out by using a pay phone, disguising his voice and claiming there was a bomb in the hall they were set to marry in.┬áHe was arrested and spent the following 12 months in jail.