This “Fat-Shaming” Mom Has Changed Her Opinions After She Started Gaining Weight

Maria Kang was once one of the most hated women due to her strong opinions about motherhood.

She called moms “lazy slugs” and posted photos of herself with her three children looking healthy and physically fit with the caption “What’s your excuse?”

Kang has seriously divided opinions on how women should feel about their bodies but her stance on the matter changed when the fit-mom started to gain weight herself…

Image Source: Maria Kang

Maria’s Mother Inspired Her To Get Fit For Her Children

Image Source: Bodybuilding

According to an interview the mother-of-three gave to CNN, Maria’s mother Carolin battled with diabetes in her twenties, had a stroke in her thirties, and even had a heart attack and a liver transplant in her forties. Apparently “Her mom’s health problems got Maria’s attention, and the daughter — who admits to being a chocolate lover and ‘sugarholic’ — aims to set a different example for her children.”