20 People Who Got The Worst Mother’s Day Gifts Ever

Every year, mother’s day comes around and it’s either a last minute rush to find the perfect present – because yet again you forgot and left things too late – or it’s a competition with others to see who can get their mother the most extravagant and beautiful gifts.

It’s not easy to find something that can represent just how much you appreciate the person that brought you into this world, but there are certainly a few¬†things that definitely don’t work.

From dead bugs to fake chocolates, these are certainly not what your mother will want this year.


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“A toaster oven, so I can make the wonderful breakfasts that my husband and kids deserve! Hallelujah!”


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“I gave my mom fake chocolates made from clay. It was my craft teacher’s idea. She provided empty chocolate boxes to put them in. I don’t think I’ve seen my mom look more disappointed.”