20 Cancelled TV Shows That Left Fans Asking ‘What Happened Next?’

There is nothing quite like starting a new tv series, completely falling in love with it and being unable to wait to see the next episode because you’re so damn excited.

On the flip side, there is nothing worse then your favourite tv show being cancelled before its time and without warning.

We totally understand that it’s a business and if a show isn’t performing as well as the network want then it will be cancelled, but you would think they’d give us just one more episode, just to finish things off for the fans.

Well, that is definitely not what happened with these 20 shows and there are plenty of people still unhappy about it.

1. Twin Peaks

image source: Variety

Premiering in 1990, after two seasons and declining ratings, the show was cancelled a year later. The last thing viewers of the show saw were Agent Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne in a bank which exploded as the show ended.