16 Of The Strangest Things Ever Seen By Flight Attendants

Travelling on a plane isn’t exactly easy. It’s not comfortable, you’re surrounded by strangers and literally trapped 30,000 feet in the air.

We have all experienced unpleasant people on board planes, whether it has been an armrest hogger, a snorer or someone who has got a bit too chatty after a couple of gin and tonics, but it’s flight attendants who have well and truly seen it all.

What passengers have to deal with is nothing compared to the nightmares that the staff have to put up with, so consider yourself lucky next time your flying somewhere and the person next to you is just a loud eater.

1. Elf

image source: giphy

“A grown man dressed as an elf walked onto the aircraft and showed us his boarding pass, like everything was normal. He was a tall man, probably in his 60s or 80s. He was pretty drunk. He wasn’t being offensive to anyone; we just weren’t going to serve him any more alcohol. We couldn’t ask him to leave the plane because he wasn’t doing anything wrong but the other passengers were kind of looking at us for reactions. I could barely look at him without laughing. He was just sitting in the end seat dressed as an elf, while everyone was dressed normally. It wasn’t even that close to Christmas. I think it was October.”