Dad Let His Daughter Choose Her Outfit For School Photos, Then Her Mother Saw The Result

This beautiful little girl is Kaylieann Steinbach. She is three-years-old and lives with her parents, Austin and Jami, in Rocklin, California.

From this photo you may think she looks like any old pre-schooler – she loves dolls, cuddly toys, dressing up and playing games with her family and friends.

However, this toddler is certainly not your average child. There is in fact something very different about her which will seriously amaze you.


Kaylieann suffers from a medical condition which makes her very unique. She was born in 2014 as a happy and healthy bundle of joy. However, she has since lost 75 percent of her hearing ability, and unfortunately for this bright little tot, the deafness is in both of her ears. For this reason, Kaylieann has to wear a hearing aid.