16 Thoughts Literally Everyone Has Had During Exams

Most people will agree that exams are possibly the most stressful thing you have to endure throughout school, college, university and sometimes even the workplace.

It doesn’t matter if it’s SATs, university exams or just updating a module at work, the pressure will undoubtedly get to you.

When the day finally comes that you have to sit down and take the exam, there are probably a million and one things running through your mind, and guaranteed most of us will have also thought similar things.

Here are some of the thoughts which will have gone through everyone’s head during exams.

1. Never Seen Before

image source: Youtube

No matter how much you highlight your pages and write your notes out in coloured pens, it’s impossible to cover everything. So when you see the first question and realise you haven’t seen half of the content before, you simply have to suffer in silence and try your absolute hardest not to cry.