20 Pictures That Will Remind You What It Meant To Be A Kid In The ’90s

Although it’s only been two decades since the ’90s, life has changed a lot since then.

Life was extremely different 20 years ago, what with the internet being slow and pretty useless, but kids always seemed to have a great time with some of the most amazing toys at their fingertips.

There are obviously newer and more technological toys for kids to play with now, and there is no chance of a squirt gun becoming the most popular toy of 2017, however it’s great to look back and see how different life was growing up in the ’90s.

Take a look through some of these iconic images which give a small insight into what it meant to be a kid 20 years ago.

1. Pogo Balls

Pogo balls were never as fun as they looked in the adverts, they just caused bruises and lots of tears.