It Took Over 50 Years For The Truth Behind This Escaped Fugitive To Be Revealed

The year was 1957; Spaghetti Western was being replaced by the Space Age and Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash were creating hits of the decade.

Frank Freshwaters seemed like an ordinary guy. He was a young man starting a family in Akron, Ohio, and he worked a regular job at a local lyre factory. Sadly, he threw everything away on one careless night whilst driving recklessly in his brand new car, which resulted in him being sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Little did anyone know, “regular guy” Frank Freshwaters would turn out to be a criminal mastermind that confused authorities for years to come.

Fresh-faced Freshwaters

Daily Mail

Frank Freshwaters was a 21-year-old newlywed with a great job in the Ohio rubber industry. As Akron was the rubber capital of the world, Freshwaters was working at one of the industry’s leading automobile providers that had a huge stake in the influx of tire production.