The Undertaker’s 20 Greatest Moments

by admin

In his 25 years, The Undertaker has been locked in caskets, set on fire and buried more times than a dog bone. Yet for a quarter of a century, The Phenom has always risen to fight again. In his latest loss at Wrestlemania 33 to Roman Reigns the rumour is he’s officially retired.


We take a look back at his stunning career and the 25 greatest moments.


Raw 1,000! The Brothers of Destruction Reunite

When the 1,000th episode of Raw aired, The Undertaker wasn’t a regular showpiece on the show anymore. His brother Kane, however, was still going strong and when a large group of WWE’s unsung Superstars swarmed Kane, it’s safe to say that nobody expected The Phenom to resurface for the first time in three months to help baby brother take them all out.