20 Celebrities Who Have Had Near Death Experiences

Due to the exotic holidays, crazy hobbies and daring careers that the Hollywood elite take part in, it’s easy to see why so many of them have had near death experiences.

From Leonardo DiCaprio to Seth Macfarlane – here are 2o celebrities who have danced with death.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo has stared death in the face not once, but twice. During some time off when filmingĀ Blood DiamondĀ in South Africa, the actor went diving with sharks – however one of the sharks broke into his safety cage and made it half way through. Not so long after this ordeal, DiCaprio decided to going skydiving. However during the jump, both his main and secondary chutes became tangled after opening. Luckily he was with a partner who was an experiences skydiver and managed to separate the chutes and the pair landed safely.