17 John Lewis Secrets The Staff Will Never Tell You

by admin

You know the little things like the 15% off at Waitrose and that they have access to their own private island.

Yes we’ve seen the newest Christmas advert, so there’s no need to keep mentioning it to us.

Although tbf they are the best Christmas adverts.


But on the plus side we do get super cheap lunch everyday.

Keeping all the shelf displays in perfect order is a surprisingly stressful job.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a child getting loose in the homeware department.


Working at John Lewis gives you the best training for dealing with the public.

Beyond the customer service training there’s career development and management training schemes.


The in-store decorations are second to none.

The store feels kind of empty when they’re taken down.


Because John Lewis takes customer service VERY seriously.

Providing customers with the very best service is pretty much what John Lewis pride themselves on.


Except maybe Black Friday.

Every staff member dreads the Black Friday sale. The yearly one-day sale that follows Thanksgiving is one American tradition we could definitely do without.


Which you kind of need after the long working hours.

Most stores open at 9am and don’t close until 8pm. Although you don’t work all those hours it still means that there’s a lot that needs to get done throughout the day.


The uniform makes you feel extra professional.

Compared to what workers at other stores have to wear, the business dress code at John Lewis is super glamorous.


Which means you always have friends and family begging you for your discount.

We get a pretty damn impressive 25% employee discount on most products.

And as if that’s not enough we also get 15% off at Waitrose.

In case you didn’t know Waitrose is a part of the John Lewis Partnership.


John Lewis owns and runs six private holiday resorts where employees can stay at a subsidised price.

One of which is located on its own island! Yep that’s right it’s own island at Brownsea in Dorset.


Which definitely helps you get through what is possibly the busiest time of the year.

Staff have a say in the running of the store.

Things like opening hours, the canteen etc. It’s all just another perk of being a partner.


That’s why John Lewis employees are so passionate about the business they work for.

So all employs have a share of the company’s profits.