25 Ways To Hack The Holidays With Ikea

Halloween costumes are packed away for another year, the smell of bonfire smoke has finally worn off, so some of us will have starting think about rummaging through the loft for the Christmas decorations.

Every year the boxes come down, hours are spent untangling the lights (how do they every get like that?), take out the home made decorations – put the homemade decorations back, then try desperately to make those crappy pieces of tinsel look slightly better than average.

This year we’ve decided to give you some christmas decoration inspo, to turn your house into a winter wonderland. Since a lot of store-bought holiday decor can be on the tacky side, we’re going to inspire you to create chic and cool seasonal designs. Where better to start? IKEA, of course!

** Daily Holiday Cheer **


Some pegs and gift bags are all you need to make this advent calendar wall.