20 Celebrities Who Are 100% Anti Trump

by admin

Whilst Trump may have his fair share of celebrity supporters, there are a lot of famous faces who pretty much hate him.

These celebrities aren’t afraid to voice their opinions to the world on why they are against him. With over 65,000 people signing the¬†#StopHateDumpTrump campaign online, it’s clear he is going to have to win a lot of people over if he wants their vote this November.

Here are 20¬†celebrities who have outright expressed their dislike for the presidential candidate. Who’s side are you on?

1. George Clooney


The famous actor hasn’t been afraid to voice his opinion on the presidential candidate. In an interview with the Guardian, Clooney described trump as an ‘xenophobic fascist’ due to all his over-the-top excessive prejudice views and opinions.¬†